Lamitech Laminates


Why Lamitech?

Environmentally Responsible: The leader in Laminate Industry. Lamitech is committed to reducing our environmental impact from cradle to grave! We certify our processes and raw laminate materials obey environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.

Carbon Neutral: All Lamitech High-Pressure Decorative Laminates are produced under a system, of controlled and balanced emissions, by compensating for our carbon footprint in favor of the environment. Lamitech has planted and maintains 494.211 acres of Eucalyptus capturing 2000 tons of CO2 annually. Thus consuming more CO2 than our production processes generate, as certified by PriceWaterhouse.

Antibacterial:  Lamitech cares about the end-users who are always exposed to infections, regardless of the application (Hospital, Educational, Commercial, Food Service surfaces, among others). We are committed to contributing to this enormous mission of minimizing transmission touch points. Our full range of HPL laminate is antibacterial, tested under the JIS Z 2801 method. 

Lamitech Laminate Offerings: Lamitech has a variety of HPL laminate designs and styles such as wood grain laminate, solid laminate design, green lamintech, and luxury laminates.




Marbles & Granites


Chromacore Color-through


OPAK/ Super Matte

Digital Laminate/ Youlab

Dry Erase/ Chalkboard