Wood Celing Panels & Acoustic Wood Panel Systems


Sonus Wood Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Systems

Welcome to the next generation of wood panels 

The noise-canceling acoustic core adds function, updated materials dramatically reduce weight, and installation is simpler. Only the great look of the old panels remains. Shop wood ceiling panels and acoustic wood panels in varieties such as wood slat ceiling, acoustic wood wall baffles, acoustical wood wall panels and more.


  • .85 NRC, no additional acoustic materials needed unlike MDF
  • No sub wall required
  • Panels weigh 1lb per square foot, just 30% the weight of traditional MDF, resulting in less installation cost
  • Redesigned with front and back layers of the high-density acoustic board for added rigidity
  • Facing edges can be square and edge banded or rounded and wrapped
  • On average, the Sonus Wall System is 28% less cost than MDF wall systems

Better Noise Reduction. Easier Installation. Less Cost.

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