Acoustical Wall Panels, Acoustical Baffles, Acoustical Clouds


Discover Sonus Acoustical Wall Panels, Baffles, and Clouds

Meticulously crafted like your future depends on it, because it does. Read below for acoustical wall panel, acoustical baffles and acoustic cloud specification and features.


  • Fabric is adhered to using our patented VACU-BOND┬« process
  • We use the highest-quality fiberglass core with hardened edges for stability
  • Corners are meticulously tailored for a beautifully finished product
  • Durable impact protection available
  • Easy to install

Precise Production. Faster Fulfillment. Easy Installation

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  1. Altitude Baffle
  2. Aspen Cloud
  3. Aspen Panel
  4. Circle Cloud
  5. Currents Cloud
  6. Currents Panel
  7. Custom Acoustic Products
  8. Divergence Panels
  9. Dunes Cloud
  10. Elements Baffle
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42 items

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